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I am a Computer Science major at Boston College, and I am looking to build my career as a software engineer. I am currently a fill stack web developer at Boston College, using PHP's Slim Framework to build BC's primary Learning Management System. I am also a research associate and software engineer at BC working on an asset manager for Unity games. Below are some of my personal projects that I have worked on in my free time. Click the images to go to the website/github repository.


Fitness Tracker is a web app created using Laravel Framework for a back end API and Nuxt (VueJS wrapper) for a front end. The app can store fitness data such as weight lifting and bodyweight. It uses the USDA API to search a database of over 8,000 foods which can be used to track nutrition Log in with email 'demo@demo.com' and password 'demo'.

FlashCards is a web app inspired by Quizlet, where users can make their own study sets of flash cards. The study page features a clean layout and quick jQuery animations that balance form and function. Users can very easily add new study sets and cards to any study set.

QueryBuilder is a small PHP library to make building MySQL queries very quick. The library uses prepared statements to prevent SQL injection. Select, insert, delete, and update queries can each be built and executed in just one line.

LiftApp is an iOS App written in Swift that is the complement to LiftAppSite above. The app uses the site's API to fetch and store data which is displayed in graphs for the user. It possesses all of the abilities of the web version- inputting weight lifting and bodyweight data manually, and searching a database of 8000 foods to track nutrition.